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Our First Lady

Ruqayyah Qaiyim-Mack

"Ms. Qay"


Lovingly referred to as Qay or Mrs. Qay, Ruqayyah Qaiyim-Mack is the beautiful wife and life partner to Pastor Steven T. Mack and a devoted mother to their daughter Savannah. In addition to these important roles, Qay’s personal ministry has centered around serving vulnerable populations. She has been blessed with professional opportunities that align with this ministry focus. Armed with a Bio Behavioral Health degree from Penn State University, Qay has helped educate teens about healthy lifestyle choices, and currently works to protect the elderly from abuse, exploitation and neglect. As a professional cosmetologist, Miss Qay uses her creative gift to offer a friendly, personalized service to reach beyond the roots of hair and into the refinement and enhancement of the authentic brilliance and beauty of ones core self.  Miss Qay also is a professional singer and uses her musical gift to nurture and train the members of the music ministry at Little Rock.


Mrs. Qay Would Love to Connect with You!

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